CKLG moves from North Vancouver and 1070 on the dial to Vancouver and 730

Letter that was inserted with "Reuben's Nightmare" by Johnny Zorro to C-FUN Twin Pick Hit Of The Week Winners. July 1960

Copy of "Reuben's Nightmare" in cover autographed by Johnny Zorro. A great Garage Sale find
for .50 cents!

CKNW ad from The Vancouver Sun following Typhoon Frieda. 1963

Page 1 of an 8 page insert in The Vancouver Times October 21, 1964 for the launch of CKLG-FM

One of the many incarnations of CJOR in the 60's

Cardboard jacket for 45's won from KOL in Seattle.

Ad for the NEW CJOR Sales Team from May 1966 issue of Vancouver Life

Ad for CFAX 8 AM NEWS from May 1966 issue of Vancouver Life

CJJC 850 Langley Coverage Map

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