The oldest sticker in my collection.
CKNW 1320
Mid 1950's

78 record sleeve from CKNW 1320 with ad for Jack Cullen Music on the back.

CKDA ad from a 1957 Victoria Cougars programme

1964 C-FUN "Fun Bug" window decal.
This was the sticker that started my collection.

Jack Kyle on location at a Super-Valu store in the CKNW Crystal Palace. Early 1960's

Front and back covers of a CFCN sales department promotional record

CKLG promotional sign 1965

CKNW's fleet of News Cruisers. Mid 1960's

CKNW Great 98 Gold Rush Coupon Book. Mid 1960's

CKLG's answer to Esso's "Put A Tiger In Your Tank" promotion. 1965

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