Broadcast History - July 7

Broadcast History - July 7

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In 1959, CHAB-AM opened CHAB-TV on Channel 4. Initially a CBC affiliate, the station switched to CTV on August 25, 1962. Later that year, on December 21, CHRE-TV Channel 9 Regina signed on as a semi-satellite of CHAB-TV. On July 18, 1969, a sale of both stations to Western Broadcast Mangement was denied, and a sale to the CBC approved. On September 3, the stations became CBKMT Moose Jaw and CBKRT Regina, with Moose Jaw a rebroadcaster of the Regina station. On July 31, 1978, the call letters were changed to CBKT Regina and CBKT-1 Moose Jaw.

In 1973, Douglas "Darby" Richard Proctor Coats passed away in Calgary. He was born in Gravesend, England, in 1892. In 1916, Darby was the marine wireless operator aboard the S.S. Morwenna when it was torpedoed and sunk during World War I. He wisely chose to leave the sea later that year and became manager and chief instructor at Canadian Marconi's first wireless school in Montreal. Marconi engineers began airing records in 1919 while testing circuits on XWA, the station that would be commercially licensed as CFCF in 1922. In May 1920, Coats and Max Smith began regularly scheduled radio broadcasts consisting of recorded music, rip and read News and weather forecasts. This led to the (mostly undisputed) claim that XWA was the first radio station in the world. Coats became editor of Canada's first radio magazine, Canadian Wireless, in 1921. Beginning in 1923, he spent almost all of the remainder of his career with Manitoba Government Telephones, many of those years as CKY's manager and announcer. In between, he managed CJRM Moose Jaw and CJRW Fleming (Saskatchewan) for James Richardson and Sons. His CCF bio can be found at ... glas-darby


In 2000, Dennis Reid died in Prince George. Born in 1919, he began his radio career in 1938 at CKOV Kelowna, as a copy writer and announcer. He obtained licenses for CKCQ Quesnel in 1957, CKWL Williams Lake in 1960 and CKBX 100 Mile House in 1971. With these three stations, he created two firsts in Canada: private radio's first licensed network; and a "reversible line" technique where CKWL and CKBX could feed programs to each other. His CCF bio is at ... eid-dennis

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