CRTC - New Community Station Coming To Winnipeg

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CRTC - New Community Station Coming To Winnipeg

Postby Dan Sys » Fri Feb 09, 2024 11:44 am

An application from U Multicultural Incorporated for a new Community FM station in Winnipeg was approved today. The new station will operate on 88.7 with 800 watts. Antenna height will be 141.8 metres (EHAAT) with a non-directional radiation pattern. 126 hours of locally produced programming will be broadcast each week with 31% of that total devoted to Ethnic programming (primarily Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Asian). The applicant also received approval to establish a Multilingual Community TV station in Winnipeg on Channel 14 with 2,400 watts.

The current unprotected low power South Asian station CKYN in Winnipeg on 88.7 will be forced to relocate to a new frequency.


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