Broadcast History - September 16

Broadcast History - September 16

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In 1922, Alex Barris was born in New York City. To current generations, he is best known as the father of Ted Barris, but Alex had an amazing career in television, beginning in newspapers and radio. He wrote literally hundreds of scripts for television in both the U.S. and Canada. He died on January 16, 2004. His CCF bio is at ... arris-alex

In 1954, Joseph E. (Ted) Campeau put CKLW-TV Channel 9 in Windsor on the air. And was still General Manager of CKLW AM & TV when he died on August 31, 1961. Ted was born in Windsor in 1898, and began at CKLW-AM as Sales Manager in 1932, when it was still known as CKOK, broadcasting on 540 KHz. He became General Manager in 1947. His CCF bio is at ... seph-e-ted


In 1978, Richard del Valle died in Victoria. Known professionally as Roy Ward Dickson, he had been a high school teacher before he joined the Toronto Star where he invented a quiz game in 1934 to test the knowledge of students. On May 15, 1935, Professor Dick and his Question Box debuted as a quiz show on CFRB Toronto. The King of Quiz, Roy's many shows ran internationally until the late 1990s and his website still survives at He was born in London, England on August 18, 1910. His CCF bio is at ... n-roy-ward
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