Broadcast History - March 18

Broadcast History - March 18

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In 1965, CKDA-FM Victoria became CFMS-FM and no longer 100% simulcast with CKDA-AM. Initially, CFMS broadcast six hours per day of independent programming, with a background music format. CKDA-FM began in 1954 as British Columbia's first FM station. Broadcasting on 98.5 MHz with 370 watts, the station's main purpose was to transmit the AM audio from the studios to the AM transmitter on Chatham Island, in Oak Bay.


In 1968, Pierre Juneau became Chairman of the Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG), on the day that BBG founding Chairman Dr. Andrew Stewart resigned. Juneau retained his position as Chairman when the CRTC replaced the BBG later that same year. He died on February 21, 2012, at the age of 89.

In 1969, CKGF Grand Forks (B.C.) was licensed by the CRTC on 1340 KHz with 1000 watts day and 250 watts night, then the maximum power permitted on a Graveyard Frequency. CKGF's programming was from CKOK Penticton and CKOO Osoyoos. CKGF signed on in June. And was sold three years later to Fraser Valley Broadcasters and D.C. Barkman, along with CKOK, CKOO, and the proposed CKSP. In 1978, CKGF became an independent station when purchased by Boundary Broadcasting.

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