Broadcast History - August 7

Broadcast History - August 7

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In 1930, it was the beginning of the end for CNR Radio. And, quite literally, for CNR head Sir Henry Thornton who died of cancer, penniless in New York City on March 14, 1933. In 1930, at the beginning of the Great Depression, the Conservatives under R.B. Bennett defeated the Liberals of Mackenzie King. Bennett was a former legal counsel for the CPR, and the CNR and Thornton were the ideal scapegoats for a government elected on a platform of ending government corruption and returning the country to prosperity by lessening government expenditure (i.e. - CNR) and championing free enterprise (i.e. - CPR).


In 1997, the Alberta government released a forensic accounting review finding that "the former directors of the CKUA Radio Foundation breached their fiduciary duty by receiving remuneration from CKUA without prior court approval". Earlier in the year, on March 20th, the station (17 transmitters across Alberta) had been shut down by its Board, citing lack of funds. A new Board was established on April 14th, and the station was back on the air April 25th. The villian of this piece was former CKUA Board Chair Gail Hinchliffe who, ironically, had been the hero of the "Save CKUA" campaign just three years earlier, when the Alberta government had planned to sell CKUA's assets to the highest bidder.

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