Broadcast History - August 2

Broadcast History - August 2

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In 1967, CHYR Leamington, one of the few daytime-only stations that Canada ever had, was granted a license after Dark, but on a different frequency. When the station began operation under its new license, it broadcast from sunrise to sunset on 710 KHz with 10,000 watts and, from sunset to sunrise, on 730 KHz with 250 watts. Six towers were used: Towers 1-5 for the daytime pattern, and Towers 5-6 for the night pattern. This situation remained until 1993, when the station was finally allowed to convert to FM, but remained at the same transmitter location until late 2006 or early 2007.


In 1988, the CBC was denied CRTC permission to make CFPR-AM Prince Rupert a rebroadcaster of CBYG-FM Prince George. At the same time, CBTK-FM Kelowna was approved to begin local programming part-time, after signing on the previous year as a CBU-AM Vancouver repeater.

In 1996, CFMG-FM Edmonton was approved by the CRTC for sale from Balsa Broadcasting to Telemedia. The station began in 1978 as locally-owned CKST St. Albert, on 1070 KHz with 10,000 watts, moving to 1200 KHz with 25,000 watts in 1988, after a previous call letter change to CHMG. The MG originally stood for Magic -- "1070 Gold, Edmonton's Magic" -- but later was rebranded as simply MG Radio, with red British MG sports cars on billboards throughout Edmonton. Then to FM as CFMG on 104.7 MHz in 1994 with 100,000 watts, and to 104.9 MHz soon after. Standard Radio purchased the station in 2002. The format had changed from Oldies to Adult Contemporary during the switch from AM to FM.

In 2005, all of the prairie A-Channels became City-TV. This followed the purchase of owner Craig Media by CHUM, which had been approved the previous November 19th.


Also in 2005, CHUM-owned TV stations in Victoria, London, Barrie, Wingham, Windsor and Ottawa became A-Channels.

In 2006, the CRTC approved all of the following in Southern Alberta:

(1) CFUL-FM Calgary was approved for owner Newcap, who already owned CIQX-FM in Calgary. The new station signed on March 19, 2007, with 48,000 watts on 90.3 MHz.

(2) CKCE-FM Calgary was approved for CHUM, signing on at 1:01 p.m. March 22, 2007 on 101.5 MHz with 48,000 watts. To find an available frequency, CHUM had successfully requested that CKUA apply to change their Red Deer frequency from 101.3 MHz to 107.7 MHz.

(3) CFEX-FM Calgary was approved for Saskatchewan's Harvard Broadcasting. X 92.9 signed on that December 31st with 45,000 watts from a 160.3 metre tower.

(4) CFIT-FM was approved for local owner Jamie Tiessen, with transmitters in Airdrie and Cochrane. The station signed on April 12, 2007 at 10:06 a.m. on 106.1 MHz with 3000 watts in Airdrie and 95.3 MHz with 100 watts in Cochrane, with studios in Airdrie.

(5) CJOC-FM Lethbridge was licensed on 94.1 MHz with 100,000 watts. The CJOC call letters had previously be used by CJRX-FM from 1926 to 2000. CJOC-FM signed on July 3, 2007, at 9:41 a.m.


(6) CJTS-FM Lethbridge was approved to be sold by Terry Robert Fleming to Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. change frequency from 97.1 to 98.1 MHz, increase power from 50 to 20,000 watts, increase antenna height to 174.3 metres, relocate the transmitter, and change call letters to CKVN-FM. CJTS-FM first signed on December 14, 2000.
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