Broadcast History - July 14

Broadcast History - July 14

Postby jon » Wed Jul 13, 2022 9:17 pm

It is a quiet day in history in Western Canada radio, so we look elsewhere:

In 1969, WBZ-AM Boston increased talk programming to ten and a half hours per day. Quite a change for what once had been my favourite radio station. During the winter of 1964-65, sunspot activity was very low and I spent most evenings in Vancouver (Burnaby) doing my homework to WBZ. Their 1030 KHz frequency was then a 1-A Clear Channel, which meant no other radio station was on the frequency at night in North America. I loved WLS-890 in Chicago, but, at that time, WBZ played the Top 40 hits first, before any other station I could hear. And had great DJs and formatics.


In 2004, Radio Ink reported that former ('70s and '80s) New Jersey DJ Joel Love had been arrested for mail fraud, after failing to appear for sentencing on charges of bilking investors out of $600,000 through a cable television and radio advertising sales scheme. Since leaving Radio, he had been known by his real name of Joel Meltz.
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