Broadcast History - June 19

Broadcast History - June 19

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In 1958, CKOS-TV Yorkton (Saskatchewan) signed on at noon with 15,000 watts on Channel 3. Although owned by CTV since 1986, the station was sold to the CBC and became a rebroadcaster of CBKT-TV Regina on October 27, 2002.

In 1965, the KYW call letters returned to Philadelphia from Cleveland. The history of the call letters began in Chicago on November 11, 1921, as one of the first seven radio stations commercially licensed in the U.S. KYW was owned jointly by Westinghouse and Edison. When a clear channel frequency was moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania in 1934, KYW moved from Chicago to Philadelphia. An ownership swap between Westinghouse and NBC occurred in 1956, and the KYW call letters moved to Cleveland. But the FCC reversed the swap in 1965, and the call letters came back to Philadelphia. When NBC took control of Cleveland's 50,000 watt 1-A Clear Channel on 1100 KHz, the call letters became WKYC. The station continued its Top 40 format, which had begun in 1959, as a head-to-head battle with WHK. Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia in 1965, KYW-1060 dropped its NBC affiliation and became one of the first all-News stations in the U.S.

In 1992, Electrohome's sale of CFRN-AM and CJKE-FM Edmonton to Standard Radio was approved. Electrohome's CAP Communications division retained CFRN-TV, after purchasing all three stations from founder Dr. G.R.A. "Dick" Rice in 1988. They would later sell CFRN-TV to CTV.

Also in 1992, Standard Radio received approval to purchase Calgary's CFCN-AM, CFVP-SW (Short Wave) and CJAY-FM, and repeaters CJAY-1 Banff and CJAY-3 Invermere (B.C.) from Maclean-Hunter. CFCN began in High River in the Autumn of 1921 with 50 watts, but did not receive those call letters until moving to Calgary in the Spring of 1922, broadcasting with 750 watts and sharing 1010 KHz with CKCX. CFVP-SW began in 1931 and, then as now, simulcasts CFCN. CFCN-AM first broadcast with 50,000 watts in 1961, increasing its night power from 25,000 to 50,000 watts in 1966. CJAY-FM was launched in 1977. CFCN-AM became CKMX in the Spring of 1994.


In 2000, CFMI-FM Vancouver was approved for a 50 watt repeater in Whistler on 90.7 MHz. CFMI-FM first signed on March 22, 1970, the CKNW-owned FM license for New Westminster having been approved nearly two years earlier. The FMI stood for FM-One, to match the 101.1 MHz frequency.

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