Broadcast History - January 12

Broadcast History - January 12

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In 1970, Jack L. Cooper died. There is some argument as to whether he was the first DJ, but he was definitely the first Black DJ. Al Jarvis in California was the other contender for first DJ. Cooper was born September 18, 1888. His radio career began as an announcer in the early 1920s at WCAP Washington, D.C. His claim to DJ began November 3, 1929, when his program, "The All Negro", began on WSBC Chicago, first weekly, eventually expanding to 10 hours per week, ending in 1935. But he was on the air until 1961 working mostly in Chicago. Other stations included: WEAW, WJJD, WBEE, WAAF, WHFC, WEDC, WEHS-FM, WWCA and WMSC.

In 1972, Ruzicka debuted on CBC Television. The series ran for three and a half months, as a half hour music program produced in Edmonton, featuring Vancouver Island dentist Bob Ruzicka. The show saw the television debut of many lesser known folk singers. Dr. Bob wrote "Yes I Can" for Valdy, and released a few songs of his own; the most memorable were about life "North of 60" and aired frequently on CBC Radio, especially on Peter Gzowski's "This Country in the Morning" where Ruzicka frequently appeared.


Also on CBC TV, in 2004, The Mercer Report debuted Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. Mercer had previously appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.
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