Broadcast History - October 13

Broadcast History - October 13

Postby jon » Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:05 pm

It is a quiet day in the history of Canadian broadcasting today, so we again look South.

In 2002, Al Lohman passed away at the age of 69. He had been predeceased by his partner Roger Barkley, who died on December 21, 1997, at the age of 61. Since it was John Rook's birthday a few days ago, why don't we let him explain (from the introduction to an aircheck on

"Al Lohman and I first met Roger Barkley when he was program director of Cecil Heftel's KIMN, Denver, in the late 50's.

"Little did we know then we'd all be working together at KFI, Los Angeles, twenty years later - me as program director and Al and Rog with their cast of characters: Maynard Farmer, Leonard-Leonard, Dr. Corwin Chester Sternhill, W, plus Marv Howard, Morgan Williams, and Bruce Wayne's KF-Eye in the Sky.

"Masters of the ad-lib, Lohman and Barkley were consistently rated #1 in Los Angeles morning radio for more years than any other radio act.

"This is vintage L&B... original, unplanned... simply the best morning show in radio."

The team first came to prominence at the very end of music-based KFWB, Chuck Blore's pioneering Top 40 success in Los Angeles. Chuck already had Color Radio going great guns in the 1950s. And it was not until Boss Radio with Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs hit KHJ that KFWB was in trouble. KFWB switched to All News in March 1968, but Lohman & Barkley made the last year or so pretty great listening. They returned nearly a decade later at clear channel KFI, where they really got the ratings for their morning show.

It is indeed sad that both died so young.

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