CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

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CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

Postby albertaboy4life » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:56 am

From the RadioWest aircheck archives -

After his time as the first host of the AM 106 (1060 CFCN Calgary) morning show, which he later co-hosted with Program Director Don Stevens, here's Jesse Dylan (aka Steve Woodman's son, Mike, and brother of Rita Woodman) and the Q Morning Zoo on Toronto's Best Rock Q-107 - ... rch-7-1988

In August 2002, he was part of the launch team for MOJO Radio AM 730 Vancouver - ... g-the-way/

Jesse is currently the Chairman of Aquarius AI -

We thank Gord Lansdell and his site for Jesse's radio career summary -

BCIT broadcast program graduate; as Mike Woodman CJJC Langley 1976; CJVI Victoria 1977; CKLG Vancouver 1979; CJOR Vancouver; as Steve Woodman CHIM-FM Kelowna 1982; morning show host then co-host CFCN Calgary 1984; as Jesse Dylan mornings CILQ-FM Toronto 1987-89; mornings CFTR Toronto 1991-93; CHOG Toronto 1993-95; CILQ-FM 1995-97; CHMJ Vancouver 2002-03; host The Good Life Show CKNW Vancouver 2004-05 and CFUN Vancouver/ CHUM Radio Network 2005 and Sirius Satellite Radio 2006-current; host The Good Life Revolution CIRH-FM Vancouver 2015-18.

You can hear Jesse as Steve Woodman and the launch of AM 106, from September 1984, here -
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Re: CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

Postby Aaron » Sat Mar 06, 2021 12:29 pm

albertaboy4life wrote:Jesse is currently the Chairman of Aquarius AI -

Interesting, from that link his former co-host Gene Valitis is also a director.
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Re: CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

Postby DonovanTildesley » Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:51 am

Jesse Dylan's morning show on Mojo Radio was all over the map, but still hilarious. Gene valaitis did a terrific job as the final morning host on Roundhouse Radio for it's final 8 months on the air. The two of them launched a new podcast a few weeks back, using a new podcasting platform developed by them:
Interesting to hear the Top 40 formatics blended with
a Classic Rock format on this aircheck.
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Re: CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

Postby Broadcast Babe » Sun Mar 07, 2021 12:54 pm

Sorry Donovan. Listened to a podcast or two and the last thing I want to hear is two aging DJs attempting to relive what I heard were boring, inside radio stories littered with Dylan's phoney, affected voice and his idea of irreverent talk radio using a slew of expletives including the c-word. No one's gonna buy into that.
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Re: CILQ Toronto - Jesse Dylan & The Q Morning Zoo - 1988

Postby groundskeeper willy » Sun Mar 07, 2021 2:59 pm

Broadcast Babe, agree 100%. Boring insider nostalgia that I can't see anybody, aside from the self-indulgent hosts, caring about. Also, all the pointless laughing at things that aren't funny. No wonder this type of cliched radio sound has become such a punchline.
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