Another Beach in Saskatchewan

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Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby radiofan » Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:14 pm

Pattison's CHQX 101.5 (MIX 101) in Prince Albert has flipped from Rock (Saskatchewan's Rock & Roll Superstation) to Classic Hits and has been rebranded as BEACH 101.5. ... ce-albert/

Beach FM website:
Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby KSEN-The Amazing AM! » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:14 pm

Love the music formatics, never understood the branding of the stations. Yes there are beaches in Sask, but there is less of a "beach lifestyle", especially after the summer months are done. Mind you, I love "Yacht Rock" on Sirius/XM. But that's a seasonal station.
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby bigbry » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:14 pm


98 The Wave…The Bear…99.7 The Eagle….88.9 The River…. The Rock 92.5…. The Goat (yes there is a station with that name.)
When I worked in radio we used Call letters and personality, that made the station and Marconi was there the make sure we got it right.
The Big 8 CKLW…KHJ… WABC…and so many more. It seems today, we have to give the station a ‘name’ so listener can relate and remember the station. Like they can’t remember 3 or 4 letters. What a slap in the listeners face.
Why don’t we name stations with something real people can remember…
44D.8 The Brassiere - “Giving You Mountains of Hits”
AK 97.77777777 The Gun - “We Kill It Everyday”
Dead Ocean 101.9 - “The Environment’s Great Hits with Greta in the Morning”
Canadian Station “The Beaver 69.9 - Sister station 12.9 “The Ram”
77.7 The Slug - “Follow the trail of new music”
88.9 Pea Gravel - “Home of Little Rock Hit’s. (Sister station to The Rock 92.5)
What station would you like to hear?
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby Talker » Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:24 am

You're right! When I started ('60's) we knew all the stations by their real names, letters, numbers and the cities they served. The letters sometimes matched the city they served, sometimes not. They were a source of pride to the employees and to an extent, the listeners. In some markets, they were a single station but in others there was competition. Even so, the competition involved the use of call letters and frequencies. I think programmers have gone too far with their station promotion and identification. Using the same name for multiple stations continent-wide doesn't make any sense to me. Where's the singular identity?
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby jon » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:28 pm

The result of what I like to call "The Invasion of non-radio Business experts".

On the other hand, I'm almost surprised that no one has tried franchising radio stations. Or have they?
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby freqfreak2 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:37 pm

You guys have got it all wrong.

Sometime in the distant future, The Beach will be held in the same reverence as 610 KFRC, The Goat will be remembered as WLS once was, The Breeze will be an equal to WMCA, The Chuck will be compared to CKLG and The Bear to CFNY.


These monikers are simply a sign of desperation that keep brand managers employed. It's the content between the IDs that keep people tuned in.

And I have yet to hear a jingle involving an animal or landscape feature equal to the sounds of "14-CFUN" or "The Big Eight."

If somebody asked me to change my car radio to The Turd, I wouldn't know where to begin looking for it. But give me "CJCA Channel 93" and I might have a clue.

Kids these days ...
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Re: Another Beach in Saskatchewan

Postby Howaboutthat » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:06 pm

Or, if I may propose... stations were changing formats so many times that listeners hearing the same call letters all the time wouldn't know what the hell they were listening to, so maybe it was their thought about a new way to Brand the station. Wow, I could be a programmer
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