After 36 Years at CKNW, Jon McComb announces his retirement

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After 36 Years at CKNW, Jon McComb announces his retirement

Postby radiofan » Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:50 am

CKNW announces retirement of Jon McComb after an impressive 36 years with the station.


VANCOUVER, November, 18, 2019 – Jon McComb, legendary Global News Radio 980 CKNW personality announced today his retirement from The Jon McComb Show, effective December 13, 2019. McComb has been with the station for over 36 years and has spent the last half-century in broadcasting.

“Jon is an award winning newsman, commentator and personality. His success isn’t only in longevity but in his ability to reinvent and perform in any role or time slot,” said Larry Gifford, National Director, AM Radio, Corus Entertainment. “Jon leaves CKNW as top dog, the most listened to radio host in Vancouver today, and is credited with helping build a legacy that we all know and love. He’s also a dear friend and is welcome to visit whenever he gets an itch to get behind the mic again.”

“As this phase of my career comes to a close, I am humbled and honoured to have been invited into the daily routines of hundreds of thousands of CKNW listeners. When I began broadcasting, almost 50 years, I couldn’t have imagined an audience so loyal, informed, intelligent and sometimes challenging,” said Jon McComb. “When I talked about my issues with depression and anxiety on the air a few years back, I was overwhelmed by the love, support and encouragement that flowed in from listeners. We’ve agreed and disagreed on every issue under the sun, but what I’ll remember and cherish the most are the daily opportunities to make real and human connections. Thank you.”

McComb began working with CKNW in 1983 and has held a variety of roles with the station. Before joining CKNW, Jon worked at CFCF and CJAD in Montreal, and at U.S. stations in Arizona and Oregon. He was the first CKNW news reporter to become a full time talk host.

A recognizable voice across the province, he is known for his astute commentary on political affairs and current events. Passionate about mental health, he is a board member of the Mood Disorders Association of B.C. (MDABC), as well as a fierce advocate for ALS. During his time at CKNW, McComb has helped hundreds of charities and organizations, with a special focus on CKNW Kids’ Fund that has seen McComb support the millions raised in support of kids in need in the lower mainland.

CKNW will pay tribute to McComb on-air with surprise guests and classic McComb moments over the next four weeks.

A new host will be announced in the coming weeks.
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Re: After 36 Years at CKNW, Jon McComb announces his retirem

Postby Talker » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:03 pm

Congratulations on your retirement, John.

I, for one, will miss your opinions and insight expressed via that golden instrument in your throat.

Be well and enjoy your family and that new bike.
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Re: After 36 Years at CKNW, Jon McComb announces his retirem

Postby cart_machine » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:35 pm

There appears to be a reticence on the part of the Global PR people to mention radio station stations other than its own, no matter how long they have been disintegrating in the grave.

Vancouver's first all-news station does not deserve to be forgotten, therefore I pass along this story from the Vancouver Sun, Sept. 26, 1973.

The Canada Labor Relations Board has ordered the reinstatement of former employees Richard Hughes and John McComb of radio station CKVN in Vancouver. The board upheld a protest by The Newspaper Guild that the two had been unfairly discharged for engaging in union activities, a contravention of section 184 of the federal labor code.
It ordered full back pay from March 22.

Through all the years of critiquing of CKNW on message boards, it seems to me Mr. McComb is one person whose name has never been included in the bashings. I suspect it's because he's respected and liked by his peers and his listeners.

I hope he enjoys a healthy and enjoyable retirement for many years. To me, he's one of the best.

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Re: After 36 Years at CKNW, Jon McComb announces his retirem

Postby J Kendrick » Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:23 pm

And don't forget Sunshine Cabs (1981)...
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