Site Update: Dairy Queen Date by Bruce Stewart

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Site Update: Dairy Queen Date by Bruce Stewart

Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:56 pm

Hi everyone from Vancouver Top 40 Radio.

This is somewhat of a mini-update, which contains no new uploaded charts. The following additions were intended to have been part of a much larger update that is coming in a few more weeks but I decided to open up the following items in advance of that.

1. Many of you are familiar with the images of Bruce Stewart found on various locations on my site. These include Bruce’s paintings such as “Dave McCormick and the Swinging Men” “Peter’s Ice Cream”, “Red Robinson & the White Spot”, while others are digital images such as the “Olds-Panorama Skyline” which currently forms a wallpaper backdrop on my home page. Bruce’s contributions have gone a long way in helping to make my website a better place.

Now, a new image by Bruce’s has just been added, one that I’ve been holding in reserve for a long time. It’s called “Dairy Queen Date” and it’s a beautiful rendering depicting teens hanging out at the Dairy Queen at Fraser & 47th Avenue in May 1960. And why that date? Well, in the scene next to the Dairy Queen is the Fraser theatre and on its marquee it lists the movie “A Summer Place” starring Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee. This movie (although released in the U.S. in Nov. 1959) played at the Fraser from May 2 to 9, 1960. (Source: Vancouver Sun theatre pages.)

You may ask, what is the connection here with Top 40 Radio in Vancouver? Well, in the scene we have teens (described by Bruce as “both hardrockers and squares”), vintage cars, and a beautiful Vancouver night street scene. Naturally we can assume that someone in the picture has a transistor or car radio playing hit tunes of the day, tunes that would have at that time included “Stuck on You” by Elvis, “Cathy’s Clown” by the Everly Brothers, “Sixteen Reasons” by Connie Stevens, “Step by Step” by The Crests, “Stairway to Heaven” by Neil Sedaka, and many more. (Sometimes the imagination can furnish more details than what’s in the image.)

This beautiful painting can be found on the CKWX 1960 Index/Memorabilia Page. The painting forms a wallpaper backdrop for that entire page, and if you scroll down the page you’ll find the complete image. Click on the picture and it will open up a beautiful hi-resolution image which, thanks to Bruce’s generosity, allows you to download and print. If any Dairy Queen people out there chance upon this image I’m sure they’ll be very happy with the free advertising they’re getting.

If you’ve forgotten how to navigate to this part of my site, go to my homepage by clicking the link below.

Once on the homepage scroll down to the yellow radio and click “Enter” which will take you to the ‘Station Select’ page. Then choose the CKWX icon and then in turn click on 1960.

Thanks again to Bruce Stewart for sharing his beautiful images with us.

While on this page you may enjoy browsing other items from that you may have missed from previous visits. You can still view the Sensational Sixty charts week by week which, toward the end of 1960 it morphed into the Fabulous Forty. You might also enjoy revisiting the blog devoted to former DJ Buddy Clyde, one of WX’s star personalities of the time.

2. A few C-FUN tidbits have been added as well. Some time ago Jamie Anstey sent me images of three flyers advertising C-FUN Hi-Fi Club dances, two from 1959 for dances in Ladysmith and Nanaimo, and the third for a 1960 dance at the Panda Supper Club in White Rock, all hosted by Dave McCormick. The musical artists featured on these flyers include Steve & the Viscounts (Ladysmith & Nanaimo), The Mysterians (Nanaimo), Les Vogt & the Chantelle’s (White Rock) and The Citations (White Rock). Perhaps you may even have attended one of those dances way back when.

The first two of these have been posted on the C-FUN 1959 Index/Memorabilia page. The third has been placed on the the C-FUN 1960 Index page.

3. One other small item: The jingle “This Is Vancouver” which used to play automatically on my Home page back in 2005 when I premiered by site, has been re-activated. Many of today’s web browsers however, have disabled “autoplay” as a default setting so unless you have manually enabled “autoplay” in your web browser’s ‘preferences’, you may not hear it upon launch, (and I realize some people prefer it that way). And I should add that, as I understand things, it will not autoplay from an iPad or other tablet. In all cases the jingle can be played or stopped manually by the small player at the page bottom. Many of you are, of course, familiar with this jingle which was written back in 1964 by Frosty Forst and Red Robinson.

I am putting the finishing touches on a huge update coming your way in a few weeks, hopefully well before Christmas. This is a long delayed project devoted to the “unpublished” charts of CKWX in 1957 and 1958, and also the “top tens” from Red Robinson’s Teen Canteen charts for that same time period. Accompanying the charts will be more audio clips including jingles. Also radio station newspaper ads and articles, including many by Red Robinson.

Beyond that, in the new year, more CKLG charts from the seventies will be added along with a new section devoted to latter-day C-FUN in the seventies and eighties.

For now, enjoy.
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