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Radio On Location Promoted on TV

Postby paterson » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:51 pm

Just watching Bell owned CP24 news channel in Toronto and I saw a 15 second promo for a 104.5 CHUM on location for this Friday. CHUM is of course a sister station to CP24. The on location is for the Princess Margaret home lottery which has a bonus deadline for midnight on Friday. Shannon Burns is the evening announcer on the station and she will be broadcasting live to promote the million dollar early bonus draw.

Wonder if this is a one off or is Bell going to start cross promoting some larger radio live remote broadcasts on their local TV stations. This is a huge lottery in Ontario and actually is pretty smart marketing, great for both the radio TV stations and the client. Also if CHUM and or CP24 included the TV promo in their initial advertising proposal this would catch the competition off guard. The cross TV promo would likely seal the deal for CHUM getting the business.

The promo computer graphics at the beginning and the end say CHUM 104.5 On Location, then the host is featured with her name, standing in front of one of the early bird prizes and all through again says CHUM 104.5 on location. This is the first time I have seen promo like this and I watch CP24 quite a bit.

It will be interesting to see if this happens for paid on location broadcasts in some other cities with Bell Radio and TV and just as important, if the competition, that have twin stick operations will need to offer the same.
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