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Numeris Ads

Postby Jim Walters » Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:31 pm

Has anyone else noticed ad for Numeris lately on the radio? They urge you answer your phone when Numeris shows up on your call display and then help shape what you hear on the radio.

I have blocked Numeris on my phone. I've done a few ballot surveys over the years but will never waste my time again. Once you have a ballot, they never stop phoning to remind you to fill it in daily.
Once the survey period is over, the calls are non-stop to get your completed ballot in. It ain't worth the shiny toonie they send you. In addition to having to fill out your listening, there are pages and
pages of questions about your income, shopping habits etc. It's nothing more than a quick grab to get information that they are likely selling for big dollars.

If you get a call, just say NO and hang up on them.
Jim Walters
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Re: Numeris Ads

Postby paterson » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:12 pm

Filled out a BBM radio survey after I was out of the radio business. I actually didn't mind doing this, found it interesting but this was years ago. When I was in the business and in programming I went down to BBM in Don Mills a few times to read the ballots so I know this is/was important for medium and smaller market stations for listener info.

However today it doesn't appear to be as important for smaller and medium markets since many stations have opted out of Numeris. National advertising has pretty much dried up for smaller markets, and it was agencies that were most interest in the numbers. Also as we know Numeris is having problems getting people to complete the surveys, so this would explain the advertising campaign which I have heard here in Kitchener and Hamilton ON.

Two years ago I filled out the ballots for television and it was a pain. You are correct way too many questions, too labour intensive and poorly laid out pages to fill out. I don't remember radio being so much work but again this was a long time ago, so it is likely similar to TV today. However people tend to watch many more television stations, networks, specialty channels etc. than radio overall. In smaller and many medium markets even major markets radio listening would be to fewer channels than television since people still have some loyalty to their stations even with internet, satellite radio etc.

I was never "bugged" by either BBM or Numeris after I completed a survey. They did check in prior and during the surveys but this didn't really bother me.
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