Updated Steve Darling News...

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Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby GrumpyOldMan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:56 am

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Re: Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby jon » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:42 am

Proactive Investors Makes Two Senior Hires Ahead of Vancouver Expansion
Published on April 16, 2018
Ian Lyall
Editor & Director, Proactive Investors

Proactive Investors, a leading multi-media news and events management business, is pleased to announce two senior hires to its expanding team in Canada.

They are Steve Darling, who is joining as lead broadcaster, and Katie Lewis, our new senior reporter.

Based in Proactive’s Vancouver studio and newsroom, both bring with them a wealth of experience.

Steve is an award-winning broadcaster who has spent 25 years working in British Columbia. He co-anchored the Global BC Morning News for 15 years and while there covered some of the biggest news and business stories in the province.

Katie, who joins from Discourse Media, was a senior communicator for RBC Global Asset Management and before that as a reporter in Uganda and China. In the course of a distinguished career, she has produced in-depth coverage for the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, CBC, Al Jazeera and NPR.

The appointments coincide with the opening of Proactive’s new Vancouver operation. Live this summer, the new Canadian facility is part of a global studio and publishing network that includes operations in New York, London and Sydney.

Proactive Investors chief executive Ian Mclelland said: “Our new Vancouver studio is being built to enhance already comprehensive coverage of Canada’s growth company sector and we’re excited about welcoming a broadcaster of Steve Darling’s talent and experience. And our latest addition to the writing team, Katie Lewis, sports a background perfectly suited to our editorial tone and client base. I have no doubt they will bring a new dimension to how we communicate on behalf of some of Canada’s most innovative companies."

About Proactive Investors

Proactive Investors is one of the fastest growing financial media portals in the world, providing breaking news, commentary and analysis on listed companies and pre-IPO businesses across the globe. Editorial and video content is featured on Proactive Investors platforms, and through syndication reaches many of the world’s largest news amalgamators, financial websites and news tracking services. News coverage takes place around the clock via five offices on three continents, and dedicated teams regularly organize large investor events in London, New York and Sydney. Proactive Investors is proud to serve over 500 clients worldwide.
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Re: Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby Coolcat » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:07 am

Is this going to fly? Sounds more like some sort of portal.
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Re: Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby kal » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:22 am

Looks like a stock touting service. I won't go so far as to say pump-and-dump but presumably the paying clients are paying to have their pitch heard in advance of an IPO or some other material change in the business.
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Re: Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby Howaboutthat » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:29 am

"Steve is an award-winning broadcaster who has spent 25 years working in British Columbia. He co-anchored the Global BC Morning News for 15 years and while there covered some of the biggest news and business stories in the province."

Dare I say that Steve's coverage of some of the biggest business stories in the province was limited to - "...and with more details, here's Micheal Campbell"
Houston, We're dealing with morons!.
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Re: Updated Steve Darling News...

Postby dmehus » Thu May 03, 2018 1:11 pm

Agreed, this reminds me of Mark Bunting finding a job with Capital Ideas Research as the publisher and editor of an online stock investment newsletter, which is free, I believe, I should note, after Bell Media laid him off in one of their frequent job cutting rounds. Since then, Capital Ideas Research has launched Capital Ideas TV, which is a weekly (or perhaps daily) financial and investment program available via online streaming. Presumably whenever they can afford it, they buy weekend airtime on now BNN Bloomberg to air Capital Ideas TV.

It's also similar to how Deborra Hope joined MarketOne Media Group as an occasional host of Market Trends TV, which publishes online video streams and buys airtime of short video clips on now BNN Bloomberg. Haven't seen her on there in over a year as Natasha Frakes seems to have taken over so I'm not sure if Natasha is still with CBC Vancouver, if she resigned, or if she was laid off in one of the CBC's bloodletting sessions.

BTV is another similar service. Expect to see more of this as traditional broadcasters lose ground to online streaming. I don't know why Bell Media doesn't make CTV News Channel and BNN Bloomberg available as part of Crave TV. I get they're trying to stem the tide of cordcutting, but they're delaying the inevitable in my opinion.

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