Ched Miller CKLG December 1971

The voices of CFUN and CKLG from the mid 1960's into the 1970s ... not full airchecks, but great pieces of Vancouver radio history.

Ched Miller CKLG December 1971

Postby radiofan » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:32 am

It's Ched Miller at CKLG ... Noon til 3 from December, 1971...


Listen to Ched Miller on CKLG ... December 1971


Thanks to Larry "Firedog" Morton for sharing this piece of Vancouver radio history!
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Re: Ched Miller CKLG December 1971

Postby Rich Elwood » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:33 pm


Thanks for the aircheck. I never heard him on LG only at 1410. Ched was a great voice and I had the privledge to work with him at CFUN and to become a friend. Not only was Ched a great jock he was an amazing free-lance success story. I think in the 70's an 80's at least half of the local TV and radio spots that were recorded outside of the radio station featured the golden tones of could he read and perform a spot. He was the voice of Chevron.

I remember Vince Cownden, Nelson Millman and Curtis Staples loved it when they had Ched available to do Production. I remember volunteering a couple times to read spots (to get better at it) and they'd politley say..."Naw, thats' OK we already asked Ched." I knew they hadn't but I got it. Tough to compete with that guys skills!

Ched is a vey humble, easy-going guy and would always laugh when I complimented his work. I was very disappointed when CFUN got rid of Ched very uncerimoniously. He was too nice a guy and too talented to have been treated that way. I won't say who the knob was that swung the hactchet but pick one of the following A B C if you guessed B you are correct. A bad decision based on a personal issue.

It's a shame that Ched is no longer involved in the free lance world (that I know of). A great dude!!

I asked him once if Ched was his given name? He laughed and said no. He told me the story. It was a nickname he acquired in grade school. He had a teacher who was German and spoke with a heavy accent. Ched's given name is Gerald. His friends called him Gerry. When his teacher said "Gerry" it came our "Chedie." So, the guys reduced it to Ched and it stuck.

You were a joy to work with and I looked up to you.....Chedie !!

I hope all is well with you. Brian Forst and Ched were good pals. That's how I met Brian. I hope they are still in touch?

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