Broadcast History - August 11

Broadcast History - August 11

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In 1948, Radio Bolivariana signed on for the first time. Today, their AM station is on 1110 KHz with 10,000 watts. On December 1, 1992, they signed on an FM station on 92.4 MHz with 5000 watts. The station's web site credits the original AM sign-on as follows: "thanks to Monsignor FELX HENAO BOTERO and the enthusiasm of several students who loved radio, among them the first director JAIME SALAZAR MONTOYA."

In 1982, CJAX-FM Edmonton signed on to 92.5 MHz with 100,000 watts. The CRTC had approved the station, owned by CFCN Calgary, in 1981, with 64,000 watts and a directional pattern, but accepted a change in location, power and pattern on June 9, 1982. Competing with CFCW-AM Camrose and CISN-FM Edmonton for the Country music market was an uphill climb, especially considering that Bob McCord's CISN (Kissin' Country) beat CJAX on the air by more than two months. A June 1986 switch in call letters and imaging to CKNG-FM "King-FM" didn't help, and the station's fortunes didn't turn around until they became Power 92 in the early 1990s, as sister station CHED-AM switched to Talk, leaving Top 40/CHR to CKNG. The station misstepped in 2003, in an attempt to attract a slightly older audience with "True Variety - The best of the 80s, 90s and now". But recovered early in 2004 as they took over the JOE format from CHQT -- Edmonton's first attempt at the Jack-FM format -- with almost immediate ratings growth.


In 2006, at 1:03 p.m., CJKC-FM Kamloops signed on to 103.1 MHz as "Country 103" with 5,000 watts. Despite being approved more than a year previous, owner NL Broadcasting delayed sign-on to do a complete renovation of studios for their three Kamloops stations: CJKC-FM, CHNL-AM and CKRV-FM. CJKC's transmitter testing actually occurred months earlier, from May 3rd to 23rd.

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