Broadcast History - July 16

Broadcast History - July 16

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In 1971, the CRTC publishes its cable television policy statement titled "Canadian Broadcasting: A Single System". As described by the CCF, the CRTC "asserts its jurisdiction by referring to the objectives of the Broadcasting Act. While stating that it wants to foster an economically healthy industry, the CRTC also notes that cable should be regulated to ensure there are no major system dislocations and that cable operators must contribute to the fundamental objectives of the Canadian broadcasting system. This includes providing its Canadian customers with: a) local Canadian stations; b) all regional Canadian stations; c) distant Canadian stations d) at least one CBC channel where available and e) one educational channel where applicable. The policy paper also mentions that cable undertakings have a great role to play in fostering local or community programming, and that they will have to financially compensate television stations if using their programs. In addition, the CRTC adopts a plan to 'duplicate' programming (whereby a local feed takes precedence over a US feed showing the same program), and to substitute American commercials with Canadian ones. Finally, the CRTC contends that the production of Canadian programs lags far behind the means of distribution, and that as such, the development of a stronger Canadian program production industry was essential for system survival." ref - ... regulation

In 1977, Jack Pilling died in Chilliwack at age 69. He began at CHWK Chilliwack in 1929, as an engineer and filling in on-air. He became an equal partner in 1940, and was named President of Fraser Valley Broadcasters in 1955. By 1957, he owned 73.4% of the company, with CHWK-1270 boosting power to 10,000 watts in 1960 and CFVR-1240 Abbotsford first signing on with 250 watts on August 20th, 1962. Pilling retired in 1963, selling his controlling interest in the company.


In 1985, CBC Whitehorse, CFWH-AM, was granted a power increase to 5000 watts from 1000 watts.

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