Broadcast History - May 8

Broadcast History - May 8

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In 1969, CKGO Hope (B.C.) signed on for the first time, with 250 watts on 1490 KHz. There were two hours of local programming per day, with the remainder simulcasting of CHWK Chilliwack.

In 1978, the first step towards CHUM ownership of the original City-TV (Toronto) was approved by the CRTC. The station had signed on September 28, 1972, becoming Canada's first commercial UHF station. But with only 31,000 watts on Channel 79 -- a channel position chosen to prevent the loss of the top of the UHF band to CB radio in Canada, as was planned in the U.S. The CRTC instructed cable companies to carry CITY on cable channel 7, helping ensure its success.

In 1986, the last available VHF TV channel in Winnipeg was assigned to CKX owner, the Stuart Craig family. CHMI-TV came on the air October 17th on Channel 13 with 287,000 watts. After being purchased by CHUM in 2004, it became A Channel and later City-TV.

In 1995, CIFX Winnipeg switched format from light rock to "mostly talk". The station began its life as CJQM on November 1, 1963, using what was rumoured to be Bellingham-based International Good Music's (IGM) Serial #000000005 automation machine. The machine ran tapes of music and voice-tracks produced by CHQM in Vancouver, in an attempt to clone CHQM's success. Failure came quickly, and IGM #5 was sent to Vancouver to eliminate the costs of Operators while providing most non-simulcast programming for CHQM-FM. Failure came even more quickly, and an Operator was assigned 5 minutes into the first day. As for CJQM, it was sold, became CFRW but later went bankrupt. Jim Pattison bought the station on March 30, 1970, and sold it to CHUM on July 31, 1974. The CFRW call letters were restored in 2003.

In 1996, the CRTC authorized Standard Radio's purchase of CISL-650 and CKZZ-FM Vancouver. CISL first signed on at 6 a.m. May 1, 1980, on 940 KHz with 2500 watts. The station was licensed to Richmond (B.C.), moving to its current 650 KHz on July 1, 1984. CKZZ-FM signed on at 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 23, 1991, on 95.3 MHz, with 71,300 watts from a Mount Seymour transmitter site. Around the turn of the century, in a few summer BBM ratings, Z95 edged out CKNW from its then-perpetual #1 ratings position.


In 1998, Golden West's application for CILT-FM Steinbach (Manitoba) was approved by the CRTC. Lite 96.7 FM signed on with 50,000 watts.

In 2008, CHQT did its last live day as Cool 8-80, before switching to All News as on May 20th at 6:00 a.m. The time in between was used to renovate the studio for the new format.

The last song played during the live period that day was dedicated, by Roxie Malone, to the late Gord Robson and was Edward Bear's "The Last Song". You can hear it on this thread:
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