Broadcast History - April 29

Broadcast History - April 29

Postby jon » Thu Apr 28, 2022 8:52 pm

In 1929, CFRB carried its first program from CBS, after negotiating exclusive rights to carry CBS programs in Toronto, Hamilton and surrounding areas. It appears as if CFRB was the first Canadian station to become an affiliate of a foreign network. And the federal government hated it, labelling it the "Americanization of Canadian Radio" and eventually passing the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act in May 1932 to "deal with it". By that time, five stations were U.S. network affiliates: CFRB, CKGW (NBC), CKOK (CBS then Mutual after CBS signed up WJR Detroit), CFCF (NBC) and CKAC (CBS). CFRB and CKGW (which became CBL) were in Toronto, CKOK (which became CKLW) was in Windsor, and CFCF and CKAC were in Montreal.

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