Broadcast History - April 13

Broadcast History - April 13

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In 1971, the first CRTC public hearings on cable television are held. Yet another step in a decade long road to Canadian government regulation of cable as a form of broadcasting.

In 1978, CKST was licensed to St. Albert, an Edmonton suburb, on 1070 KHz with 10KW. The station began broadcasting on December 23rd of the same year. A local community initiative, the station faced financial and other issues for years. And may hold the Alberta record for most ownership changes. Today, CKST has morphed into Virgin Radio, CFMG-FM on 104.9 MHz with 100KW. The MG in the call letters are short for "Magic", based on the "1070 Gold, Edmonton's Magic" branding that saw the call letters change to CHMG. After a frequency switch to 1200 KHz, the MG was tied to the British sports car of the same name, and red MGs began appearing on billboards across Edmonton. A switch to FM retained the MG in the call letters, as CFMG. But the MG branding was quickly dropped in favour of the Easy Rock branding, a thinly-veiled reference to CKRA's early 1980's K-Lite format ("Light Rock and Less Talk"), effectively capturing the Music At Work audience that CKRA created in Edmonton. By the time Standard Radio purchased Easy Rock Edmonton in 2002, the vast majority of music played was from that early '80s list of songs that K-Lite had played. Standard made a lot of changes, most notably making recent Adult Contemporary the largest component of the current playlist. Today the station is owned by Bell and plays CHR. City of License remains St. Albert.

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