Broadcast History - April 11

Broadcast History - April 11

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In 1974, CKPG Prince George was given approval for a 1000 watt, 250 watt night graveyarder in Mackenzie, on 1240 KHz. The station signed on later that year. It is currently owned by Jim Pattison who turned it into a repeater of CKDV-FM (the former CKPG-AM) in 2003.


In 1980, the last original broadcast of Jazz Canada was aired on CBC TV; the series was re-run during the summer that year. The host was Canadian jazz great Guido Basso. The concept was that since jazz is an improvised musical form, many of the sessions were recorded live to tape with few edits in order to maintain the quality and spontaniety of the performances, which originated from three regions: Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax.

In 1992, the Tommy Hunter Show was aired for the last time on CBC TV. It had been on the air since September 17, 1965.

In 2000, CKLM-FM was licensed to Lloydminster at 106.1 MHz with 100KW. It took a year and a week before "Border Radio 106.1 The Goat" hit the airwaves. In 2003, a 50KW repeater at 99.7 MHz was approved for Bonnyville (Alberta).


In 2005, the CBC was authorized to operate a transmitter at Swift Current to rebroadcast the programming of CBK-FM. The transmitter would operate on 95.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 4,710 watts. This transmitter had been operated as CHSK-FM - a radiocommunication distribution undertaking - by C.O.R.B. Swift Current & District Inc. At C.O.R.B.’s request, its licence was revoked this date and a new licence was issued to the CBC. The transmitter operated from the 160.5 metre level of the CBKT-TV-4 tower.

Also in 2005, the call letters CFSR-FM, previously used for Abbotsford, were transferred to Roger's Hope station. And the Boston Bar rebroadcast transmitter became CFSR-FM-1.

In 2006, CKXR-FM in Salmon Arm began testing their new transmitter at 12:38 p.m. on 91.5 MHz with 640 watts. Ironically, they had more power on AM when they signed on in 1965, on 580 KHz with 1000 watts.

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