Broadcast History - March 31

Broadcast History - March 31

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In 1932, CNRL was last heard on CJGC London, Ontario. The CNR phantom station leased time on CJGC, and the loss of revenue was disasterous. The station reduced power from 5000 watts to 100 watts in September 1933. And then merged with CKOK Windsor on November 6, 1933, to create CKLW. Less than a year later, better times were at hand, and CFPL signed on, taking over CJGC's old license.

In 1964, the license of CJOR Vancouver expired. But the station remained on the air, with the Board of Broadcast Governor's (BBG) permission, to allow time for the station to be sold. Jim Pattison bought the station later the same year.


In 1974, the licenses of CKUA AM & FM Edmonton were transferred from the University of Alberta to a new Crown Corporation, the Alberta Educational Communications Corporation, to comply with new CRTC regulations that clarified the type of provincial control of broadcasting that would be permitted in the future. Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) had operated CKUA since May 1, 1945, but the University did not relinquish the license until 1974. In fact, CKUA-FM was first licensed in 1948, to the University, not to AGT, who had been operating the AM station for three years.
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