Broadcast History - March 28

Broadcast History - March 28

Postby jon » Sun Mar 27, 2022 8:26 pm

A quiet in Western Canadian broadcast history, so we look again at Mr. Pop History. This time, it is this week in 1955.

DJs (generally spelled "Deejays" at the time) at five Cleveland radio stations combine forces in an effort to stop WERE DJ Bill Randle from getting record releases ahead of general distribution to stations. They won’t play records first played by Randle. The ban was sparked by Joe Finan of WJW, which now works on a playlist of 60 records. The other DJ’s in the ban are Tom Carson of WJW, Bill Gordon of WHK, Bill Mayer of WTAM, Hal Morgan of WGAR and Bob Forster of WSRS.

WINS New York DJ Alan Freed signs a recording contract with Coral Records.


WDAS DJ George Woods announces "The Rock and Roll Show of ’55" at the Met in Philadelphia scheduled for April 29. Talent already booked includes Varetta Dillard, Gene and Eunice, Little Walter and the Buddy Johnson Orchestra.

In what would become, more than a decade later, a war fought in the U.S. on radio and television, "Premier Ngo Dinh Diem’s nationalist forces and Binh Xuyen former river pirates maintain an uneasy truce in South Vietnam’s little civil war."
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