Broadcast History - October 12

Broadcast History - October 12

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In 1962, Hurricane Frieda, as it was known at the time, raged into the night and the next day from California right through Vancouver. CKNW is given credit as being the only West Coast station on the air in B.C. or Washington state during the storm, as the storm knocked out power everywhere in its path. Power took days to restore in many areas as so many power poles had fallen. On a main street, Radiofan's house had power in a few hours. But, five blocks away, it took nearly three days for power to be restored at my house. The storm has since been renamed Typhoon Frieda, but it barely qualified, having just passed the 75 mph lower limit for Hurricanes/Typhoons. But the damage was severe, falling so many trees that Central Park in Burnaby and Stanley Park in Vancouver were forever changed.


In 1989, Bill C-40 to amend the 1968 Broadcasting Act is reintroducd into Parliament after the re-election of the federal Conservative party. The year before, Bill C-136 is adopted by the House of Commons, but stalls in the Senate when a new election is called. It still isn't smooth sailing in 1989 as it is not until February 1, 1991, that a new Broadcast Act actually gets royal assent, becoming law on June 4. Among other changes, it includes the removal of the CBC's national unity mandate.

In 1999, CBK-AM Watrous (Saskatchewan) was given approval by the CRTC for an FM rebroadcast transmitter in Regina on 102.5 MHz with 820 watts. The transmitter signed on June 12, 2000. It wasn't until 2007 that a similar transmitter was operational in Saskatoon.

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