Broadcast History - September 6

Broadcast History - September 6

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In 1952, CBFT-TV Montreal became Canada's first television station to officially sign-on. CBLT-TV Toronto signed on two days later. CBFT broadcast in both French and English, employing 300 people with an annual budget of $8 million. Both stations broadcast only 18 hours per week of programming, and were not yet linked together by microwave. By the end of 1951, 70,000 televisions sets had been sold in Canada, as Canadians watched U.S. television stations before the first Canadian stations signed on.

In 1965, just over a week after a disasterous fire, CKVL Verdun, Quebec, had a new RCA 50,000 watt transmitter in place. On August 29th, a lightning strike hit the transmitter building, causing a fire that almost completely destroyed the transmission equipment. But the shell of the building was intact, and the station was back on the air within hours. A 10,000 watt transmitter was fully operational on September 1 at 5:00 a.m. At the time, the station was licensed for 50,000 watts day and 10,000 watts at night, on 850 KHz. Jack Tietolman founded CKVL-AM in 1946 and CKVL-FM in 1947. Initially simulcast, CKVL-FM began separate programming in 1962, with 307,000 watts on 96.9 MHz. CKVL-AM remained bilingual until 1976, when it became French-only. That same year, CKVL-FM became CKOI. For his part, Jack Tietolman briefly owned CFUN/CKVN: August 1968 - July 1972.


In 1997, CHKG-FM Vancouver signed on for the first time, becoming Western Canada's first multilingual FM station. It began with 40,000 watts on 96.1 MHz. The station was co-owned, 50/50, by O.K. Radio Group and CJVB-AM owner Great Pacific Broadcasting. Exactly two months later, the CRTC approved a power increase to 46,000 watts.

In 2002 at 6:00 p.m., CIBK-FM Calgary launched as Vibe 98-5, on 98.5 MHz with 100,000 watts. It was one of three new FM stations licensed to Calgary on March 12, 2001, out of six applicants. Owner Standard Radio already owned CKMX-AM and CJAY-FM.

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