Broadcast History - September 2

Broadcast History - September 2

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In 1978, Phil Lalonde died of cardiac arrest following surgery for a broken hip. He began his career at CKAC Montreal in 1929 as an announcer. In 1931, he became General Manager. And in 1933, negotiated with CBS to carry many of its most popular programs. CBS presented Phil with a Golden Mike award in 1963 to mark the 30 year association between CBS and CKAC, which was still an affiliate at that time. Phil, however, had left his job as GM of CKAC the year before, because his views on bilingualism and free enterprise clashed with CKAC listeners demands for more French language Quebec-oriented programming. CKAC had been broadcasting in both French and English since the 1920s. Phil's CCF bio is at ... nde-phil-l

September 2, 1988, the CJOR call letters and the News/Talk format disappeared from 600 on the am dial at 12 Noon and in it's place Classic Rock CHRX was born ...

Image CJOR Becomes CHRX Aircheck

In 2000, CJVI-900 Victoria signed off at 5:05 p.m. CHTT-FM signed on 103.1 MHz just minutes later, after Rogers arranged a frequency swap with CKMO-FM, Camosun College's student radio station. CKMO-AM began broadcasting on 900 KHz with 10,000 watts on September 5th.

In 2005, CJAV-FM Port Alberni signed on at 9:33 a.m. on 93.3 MHz as "The Peak". The new FM antenna was located atop the existing AM tower. And CJAV-AM continued to simulcast for three months.

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