Broadcast History - August 30

Broadcast History - August 30

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In 1985, CJAT-AM Trail was approved by the CRTC to purchase CKKC Nelson and CFKC Creston. CJAT was owned by Four Seasons Radio Ltd., but the new group was named Kootenay Broadcasting System (KBS). CJAT-FM had been sold to the CBC in 1975 for a rumoured $25,000, just to shed CJAT's CBC affiliation requirements. A new CJAT-FM came into existence in 1994 when CJAT-AM did an FM flip after losing access to property where their AM transmitter site was located.


In 1991, Baton Broadcasting (now CTV Inc.) sold CFQC-AM Saskatoon, but retained CFQC-TV. Only two years later, CFQC-AM went into receivership, but was quickly purchased by CJWW-AM Saskatoon. On February 6, 1995, CFQC's 600 KHz frequency became Country 600 CJWW, and CJWW's just-approved flip to FM became CFQC-FM Hot 93 FM Country on 92.9 MHz with 100,000 watts. On November 20, 2000, both stations were approved by the CRTC for sale to Elmer Hildebrand, who already owned CJRK-FM and CKOM-FM, both in Saskatoon. On the same day, the CRTC approved Hildebrand's sale of CKOM-FM to Rawlco. It was not until February 1, 2007, that all three Hildebrand stations were under one roof, at 366 3rd Avenue South.

In 1996, Art Wallman retired from CKSW Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He was born on July 12, 1928, with spastic paralysis, but his family was too poor to pay for any medical treatment until he was 9. He then began the first of 14 operations, which allowed him to walk with the aid of crutches. He had always dreamed of working in Radio, but his auditions during the 1950s never led to a job. It was not until October 18, 1960, that he was hired by Wilf Gilby at CKSW Swift Current, Saskatchewan, where he worked until retirement. His CCF bio is at ... allman-art


Also in 1996, the last Off the Record was aired nationally on CBC Radio Two. Bob Kerr had hosted the classical music program since 1960 from the CBC Vancouver studios. It aired at 11:00 a.m. each weekday. Many, if not all, of the recordings were from Bob's personal collection. He loved organ music, and no program would be complete without at least one piece where that instrument dominated. Bob retired from the CBC in 1996. Like many of his listeners, I enjoyed his popular program. Perhaps the most memorable moment that I remember was Bob reading a letter from a 9 year old girl who spelled his name like that of the dog of little value: CUR.

In 1999, the CRTC approved the birth of Fraser Newco, by merging Fraser Valley Broadcasters Ltd. (CKMA, CHWK, CKGO and CKGO-FM-1) and Star-FM Radio Inc. (CKSR-FM, CFSR-FM and CFSR-FM-1). On September 10th, the CRTC approved the purchase of Fraser Newco by Rogers Broadcasting Limited.

From 1962, some related newspaper coverage of the previous day's signon of Calgary's first FM station, thanks to albertaboy4life:
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