Broadcast History - August 15

Broadcast History - August 15

Postby jon » Sat Aug 14, 2021 9:48 pm

In 1949, Jack Cullen made the move from CKMO to CKNW, taking his Owl Prowl program with him. Always with a flair for the unusual, Cullen had pre-recorded his first CKNW program so it was aired at the same time as his last live show at CKMO. Jack had originally been reluctant to make the move when CKNW owner Bill Rea first approached him, as CKNW was then a 250 watt station on a graveyard frequency (1230 KHz) in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster. By the time he made the move, CKNW had moved to 1320 KHz and increased power to 1000 watts, the same power as Vancouver's CKMO had at the time. Cullen passed away on April 27, 2002.


In 1957, CKWX Vancouver moved from 980 to 1130 KHz, in preparation for a power increase the next year to 50,000 watts. Also in 1958, CKNW moved from 1320 to 980 Khz, in preparation for a power increase to 10,000 watts day (still 5000 watts at night) in 1960. CHQM-AM signed on to 1320 KHz in 1959.


In 1990, the 10 licenses of the CKO network were formally revoked by the CRTC. They had previously been surrendered on November 10, 1989. The All News stations had lost $55 million since first being licensed by the CRTC on July 12, 1976.


In 2005, the CBC locked out 5500 employees across the country, all members of the Canadian Media Guild. Members in the province of Quebec and the Moncton bureau had other collective agreements in force. Most analysts agree that, by the time the employees returned to work on October 11th, with a new agreement, they had won out over the CBC's year and a half of negotiation for more flexibility in the use of contract employees.
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Re: Broadcast History - August 15

Postby Bill Lee » Tue Aug 17, 2021 11:21 pm

And on the CBC lockout, the most important Blog on the Logout and CBC politics still exists online and frozen in time.

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