Broadcast History - August 13

Broadcast History - August 13

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In 1912, one day less than four months after the Titanic sunk, An Act to regulate radio communication became the first act in the U.S. to require radio stations to be licensed. Earlier ship acts only required that certain ships have radio equipment installed. You can read it here:

In 1993, Terry "The Bear" Steele fell in his bathtub and died. He was 46. Born James Stromberg on July 19, 1947, in Washington D.C., Terry is best known for his time in Toronto: at CHUM (1972-85), CKEY and CJEZ Toronto. At CHUM, he was "Terrible Terry, The Bear in the Airchair from the Big House on Yonge Street". As well as on-air work, he was a part of almost every major production that CHUM did over those years, be they about Beatles, Elvis or Rock History. You can hear Terry at CKEY in 1990 by scrolling almost to the bottom of this page: A 1976 CHUM aircheck is located half way down this page:


In 2000, a pirate station broadcast on the same frequency as Radio Primero de Marzo in Paraguay's capital of Asunción. It was election day for the Vice President of the country, and the signal began moments before Radio Primero de Marzo was to broadcast a political program announcing the results of its exit polls. The pirate broadcast voices speaking in the indigenous Guaraní language and threatening to blow up the station's transmitter. It remained on the air for about an hour and a half. The voices also threatened to "disappear" Mabel Rehnfeldt, host of Radio Primero de Marzo's program "Contra Viento y Marea" ("Against All Obstacles"). Rehnfeldt is a vocal critic of the Paraguayan government who also writes for the Asunción daily newspaper ABC Color. After this incident, Radio Primero de Marzo sent a helicopter to inspect its transmitting facility. The station also requested police protection.

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