Broadcast History - August 8

Broadcast History - August 8

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In 1960, CHIC-FM signed on in Brampton, Ontario, with 857 watts on 102.1 MHz, as sister station to CHIC-AM. The two stations have a long, event-filled history, including a period as "Chick Radio" with a predominantly female air staff. Today, CHIC-AM is CIAO on 530 KHz, the only commercial station on that frequency in North America. CHIC-FM has moved to Toronto as CFNY-FM and is owned by Corus, with 35,000 watts non-directional from 1400 feet up the CN Tower.

In 1962, CHFI-FM Toronto launched CHFI-AM as a daytime-only repeater of CHFI-FM. CHFI-AM operated on 1540 KHz, a U.S. clear channel, with 50,000 watts, signing off at sunset to prevent interference with KXEL in Waterloo, Iowa. Within a few years, CHFI-AM was switching to 680 KHz at sunset each day, providing night-time service on 680 KHz with 10,000 watts. And soon after was operating full-time on 680 KHz. In June 1985, the station finally was running 50,000 watts day and night on 680 KHz, under new CFTR call letters, running independent programming from CHFI-FM, and giving CHUM a good run for their money in the Toronto Top 40 market. The station switched to an All News format in 1993.


In 1968, Tom Lucas first hit the airwaves, using the name "Alan Boyle", on CKAY-AM in Duncan, B.C. He stayed a year before moving on to Ontario and later back to B.C. radio.

In 1990, Rawlco was licensed for an FM station in Toronto, with 4700 watts on 92.5 MHz. But it would be nearly three years before the station signed on as CISS-FM in 1993. Today the station is owned by Rogers, switched to the Jack format in 2003, with call letters to match in 2004: CJAQ-FM.

In 2002, CJZZ-FM Winnipeg became the first radio license ever owned by Global Communications, the owners of the Global Television Network controlled by jazz lover Izzy Asper (who has since passed away). The station signed on at 6:00 p.m. February 28, 2003, as Cool-FM, a Smooth Jazz station with at least 70% of its music jazz and blues. They were licensed to 99.1 MHz with 100,000 watts from a 223 metre tower. On July 6, 2007, Corus was approved by the CRTC to purchase CJZZ.

Also in 2002, CHNR-FM Winnipeg was approved by the CRTC with 1300 watts on 100.7 MHz in the specialty programming format: adult standards and easy listening music from 1920-1979. The station signed on December 9th. After major financial losses for the local owners, the CRTC approved the sale of the station to NewCap on November 24, 2005. On December 26th at 12 noon, Newcap switched the station to CKFE "Cafe 100.7" playing an Adult Album Alternative format. A year later, on December 28, 2006, at 1:00 p.m., the station became CHNK-FM: "HANK-FM plays everything Country".

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