Broadcast History - July 30

Broadcast History - July 30

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In 1966, WOR-FM New York City switched to a combination of Top 40 and Rock album cuts. Unfortunately, the DJs were on strike at the time, so a lot of music got played without interruption. Official launch was on October 8th. Early on, Murray the K was experimenting with free-form radio. But, on October 2, 1967, Rosko resigned on the air when he heard that Bill Drake had been hired to program the station. Murray the K and Johnny Michaels left for the same reasons soon after. Scott Muni was the only one left. Bill Drake was afraid he would have to wait until the end of Scott's contract, so he cut a personalized ID for Scott Muni, which was never used, because Scott didn't want to work the format either. Something was worked out between Scott and management. Scott moved on to WNEW-FM in New York, where he worked for 31 years. He moved to WAXQ-FM in 1999 for a daily one-hour show, and passed away on September 28, 2004.


In 1979, the CRTC tentatively approved CFTR-AM Toronto's increase in daytime power from 25,000 to 50,000 watts, from a new transmitter site at Grimsby, 56 km South West of Toronto, using eight 410 foot towers. The existing Mississauga site would continue to be used for nights only, and remain at 25,000 watts. It took until February 1985 before it actually happened, with most of those five and a half years spent negotiating with the FCC. But a few months later, in June 1985, night power was increased to 50,000 watts, and Grimsby was used for both day and night patterns.
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