Broadcast History - June 18

Broadcast History - June 18

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In 1945, German radio's most popular announcer, William Joyce, was charged with treason. A British citizen, he had broadcast in English during World War II as Lord Haw-Haw, to reduce morale among Allied troops and citizens within Europe. Tokyo Rose was the Japanese equivalent.


In 1972, CJVB-1470 Vancouver signed on as Western Canada's first multicultural station, with 10,000 watts. The JVB were the initials of founder Jan van Bruchem, whose 50th birthday the station celebrated by increasing power to 50,000 watts on that day in 1980. Jan passed away on June 1, 2000, at the age of 70. Theo Donnelly joined the station in 1973, doing Morning News from May 1975 until September 1993, when AM Drive began focusing on Chinese listeners in their own language. Other notables in the early years were Nick Sands, Pat Karl and Rudy Hartman.

In 1984, CKNW launched the Western Information Network. Satellite broadcasts on the Anik E satellite distributed live programming throughout British Columbia.

In 1988, the former WKBW, WWKB-1520 Buffalo (New York), switched to a satellite oldies format. Before going to Top 40 in 1958, George "Hound Dog" Lorenz had pioneered a mixture of Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues on his popular nightly show. As a Top 40 station, WKBW was one of the most important and influential in the country. Dick Biondi, Art Roberts, Jungle Jay Nelson, Russ Syracuse, Tom Shannon and many others first attracted national attention while on the air at "KB".

In 1997, CFSR-FM-1 Abbotsford was approved for a frequency change from 104.9 to 92.5 MHz. On October 1, 1986, CKSR-107.5 Chilliwack and simulcast CFSR-104.9 Abbotsford first signed on. In 1996, the CRTC approved a move of the Abbotsford transmitter to Mount Seymour with a small (890 watts) fill-in transmitter on the same frequency in Abbotsford. This 1997 change gave the Abbotsford transmitter a frequency of its own again.

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