Broadcast History - June 17

Broadcast History - June 17

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In 1968, KOL-FM Seattle switched from automated background music to "Progressive Rock", a format where the music was based on album cuts, and album sales, rather than the singles (45 rpm records) used in Top 40 radio. And a more laid back announcing style. Initially, KOL-FM continued to simulcast KOL-AM from midnight until noon, and its independent programming was a combination of live and automated. As the station's popularity increased, so did the independent programming. But it all ended September 24, 1973, when KOL-FM began full-time simulcasting of KOL-AM's gradual move to Soft Rock. During most of its Progressive Rock years, KOL-FM made no attempt to hide the fact that some periods of the day were automated. Production Manager Terry McManus electronically created a computer-like voice, and he voiced all commercials and announcer duties in this voice during the automated periods of the day.


In 1988, CKWX-1130 Vancouver moved to new studios at 2440 Ash Street. The official opening took place July 20th. Their 1275 Burrard Street studios had been opened in 1956 when they were still on 980 KHz. When they moved to 1130 KHz a few years later, they became Western Canada's first private station with 50,000 watts. The CBC's CBK-540 Saskatchewan had been 50,000 watts since 1939.

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