Broadcast History - June 9

Broadcast History - June 9

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In 1970, a federal government directive to the CRTC demanded adherence to C.D. Howe's 1948 statement that provincial governments not be granted broadcast licenses. On July 13, 1972, a second federal government directive allowed broadcast licenses to be held by an independent corporation not directly controlled by a provincial government, so long as the station met a strict definition of "educational programming". CKUA AM & FM Edmonton was licensed to the University of Alberta, but run by Alberta Government Telephones, and had been ignored in 1948. The Alberta Educational Communications Corporation was formed as parent Crown Corporation of ACCESS Alberta in 1973, which assumed control of CKUA and the province's educational television operations. The CKUA broadcast licenses were actually transferred on March 31, 1974. FM repeaters were added across the province in the years that followed.

In 1975, 1000 watt French language CFNS-1170 Saskatoon was authorized to move to 860 KHz and increase power to 10,000 watts from a new transmitter site. The station began as a private station on November 1, 1952, but was bought by the CBC on September 1, 1973.

Also in 1975, CHFM-FM Calgary was approved for a power increase from 11,000 to 74,000 watts, but was required to begin using a directional antenna. The station originally signed on on August 29, 1962.


Again, in 1975, CFRG/CFGR Gravelbourg (Saskatchewan) was/were approved for a move to 690 KHz with 5000 watts. The station(s) began as a private station with call letters CFRG, signing on June 1, 1952, with 250 watts on 1230 KHz. Unusual, but not unique in Canadian radio history, CFRG moved to 710 KHz during the daytime only, with 5000 watts, returning to 1230 KHz at night, still with 250 watts, but with the call letters CFGR. The CBC purchased the station(s) on September 1, 1973, and they became rebroadcasters of French language CBKF-FM Regina in 1974.

In 2000, CHWK-AM Chilliwack received approval to move to FM. Although applied for at the same time, the move of CKGO Hope to FM was not approved until December 15th of the same year.

Also in 2000, CFGW-FM Yorkton (Saskatchewan) was approved by the CRTC as a new FM station owned by CJGX-AM. The station signed on July 1, 2001.

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