Broadcast History - May 21

Broadcast History - May 21

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In 1954, an important cable television legal case was decided in Montreal. Live telecasts were ruled not subject to copyright. And films could be carried without violating copyright, as subscriber homes were ruled to be not "in public". But there were two conditions. (1) The cable companies' networks must be entirely coaxial-based, without any wireless transmissions within the network, other than the off-air reception from the originating station. (2) Copyright fees did apply to the cable companies' practice of demonstrating cable TV on monitors in their showrooms.

In 1985, CKST-1070 St. Albert (Edmonton suburb) went through its second ownership change since signing on December 23, 1978. Cable company QCTV purchased the station in 1980, and on this day in 1985, Balsa Broadcasting was formed after QCTV tired of losing money. The station quickly switched to Oldies, much of it syndicated from a taped music service. Subsequent moves were to 1200 KHz with 25,000 watts, and eventually to 104.9 MHz with 100,000 watts under the call letters CFMG-FM. For many years, the station was a consistent well-rated money maker as Adult Contemporary Easy Rock Edmonton, building on the Music at Work audience created by CKRA-FM during its earliest K-Lite period. But slumping ratings initiated a switch to Virgin Radio and a CHR format.


Also in 1985, CKOM-AM owner Rawlco received CRTC approval for the purchase of CFMC-FM Saskatoon, a change in its frequency from 103.9 to 95.1 MHz, a power increase from 6020 to 100,000 watts, and transmitter move to colocate with CKOM.

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