Broadcast History - March 9

Broadcast History - March 9

Postby jon » Mon Mar 08, 2021 9:02 pm

In 1966, Wojeck was born. The pilot episode was entitled Tell Them the Streets are Dancing and it was aired as a one hour drama on The Bob Hope Theatre. The stars were John Vernon, Bruno Gerussi and Patricia Collins.


The amazingly popular CBC series was based on the files of Toronto coroner Dr. Morton Shulman, and starred John Vernon. Wojeck was used as the model for both Quincy, M.E. and Da Vinci's Inquest. Without the coroner aspect, Wojeck was also the model for McQueen: The Actioneer.

In 1992, CKST-800 Langley went silent. CIMA-1040 Vancouver had been off the air since February 4th. But suddenly, they were back on the air as CKST "Coast 1040". Needless to say, listeners to 800 had been repeatedly warned that they would have to change their dial to 1040 KHz.

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