Broadcast History - December 30

Broadcast History - December 30

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In 1923, Canada's first scheduled commercial network broadcast occurred. CHYC Montreal and a station run by the Ottawa Radio Association both simultaneously aired a CNR-sponsored special program of speeches and music with portions originating live in each city.

In 2005, legendary DJ Lan Roberts passed away after a decade-long fight with lung cancer. He worked, primarily Morning Drive, at both KOL and KJR Seattle, twice each. He was also well known, previous to Seattle, in New Orleans and Dallas, and after, in Hawaii and Taiwan. Lan mellowed a lot in his final year or two of life, but he was always spoken well of by his co-workers in Radio. His web site as it existed when he died can be found here:


Here's a couple of airchecks of Lan at KJR and KYYX in Seattle.

Lan at KJR on his return from vacation in July of 1972. Click Here

In 1977 Lan was once again working for Pat O'Day at Pat's KYYX-FM. Here's Lan in Morning Drive from April 11, 1977 at 96 KYYX. Click Here
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