Broadcast History - December 24

Broadcast History - December 24

Postby jon » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:32 am

In 1921 (and possibly 1920), CHCB Toronto aired a Santa Claus broadcast by George Eaton. The station was owned and operated by Marconi, but there are no known broadcasts after May 15, 1922.

In 1937, CRCT Toronto became CBL, more than a year after the CRBC was dismantled and the CBC formed. Earlier the same year, a new transmitter site was built, with a single 645 foot tower and a 50,000 watt signal. Today the station is CBLA-FM.

In 1968, CKQR Castlegar was approved as a new AM station on 1230 KHz with 1000 watts day and 250 watts night. The station has since moved to FM and is now owned by Vista.


In 1974, CIOK St. Paul (Alberta) was licensed to OK Radio, on 1310 KHz with 10,000 watts. Today, the station is CHSP-FM, owned by Newcap.

Also in 1974, CFOK Westlock was licensed to 1370 KHz with 10,000 watts. Two applications had also been made for the frequency in Saskatoon. On this day, the CRTC approved one, for CJWW, but denied the other. CJWW was initially requested to find an alternate frequency, but was approved for 1370 less than a year later.

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