Broadcast History - December 7

Broadcast History - December 7

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In 1959, what would become one of Montreal's legendary Top 40 stations, CKGM, signed on for the first time, on 980 KHz with 10,000 watts. The same directional pattern was used both night and day, but it took six 230 foot towers to deliver it. CKGM-FM signed on in 1963, and was renamed CHOM in 1969.


In 1973, CHPQ Parksville (B.C.) signed on to 1370 KHz with 1000 watts, rebroadcasting some of owner CHUB Nanaimo's programming. Just 18 months later, the station was sold. But the two stations were reunited in 1986. Today, both stations are on FM and are owned by Jim Pattison.

In 2000, the CRTC approved Bell's acquisition of CTV.

In 2001, CJVR-AM Melfort received a license for an FM station with rebroadcast transmitters in Dafoe and Waskesin Lake. The station, CJVR-FM, signed on March 1, 2002, taking CJVR-AM's Country music format with it. And leaving CJVR-AM to become CKJH-AM "Just the Hits", playing a combination of Oldies and Classic Rock. CJVR-AM started on 1420 KHz with 10,000 watts in 1966. The original transmitter was a CGE Ultrasound 4BTC83B with a stated efficiency of 87%. The nighttime directional pattern used two towers, each 346.6 feet high, spaced 231.1 feet apart, with phasing of 0 degrees and -104 degrees, and field ratios of 1.0 and 0.86. By the end of 1967, DX'ers had heard the station as far away as Sweden, and received the station's QSL card, which bore the Canadian centennial symbol, with 1867/1967 below it, signed by the station's engineer Lowell A. Heide. The "VR" in the call letters stood for Valley Radio, as the station was licensed to serve what was then known as the Carrot River Valley, which included Melfort, Humboldt, Tisdale and Nipawin. CJVR-AM moved to the former U.S. clear channel of 750 KHz in 1995, increasing power to 25,000 watts in 1997.

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