Broadcast History - November 9

Broadcast History - November 9

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In 1925, the three day Fourth National Radio Conference began in Washington, D.C. It had been called by Secretary of Commerce and future President Herbert Hoover. In the year since the previous conference, it was noted that the number of stations with 500 watts or more had nearly doubled from 115 to 197. While the previous conference had heard many saying that anything more than 1000 watts would mean: "excessive blanketing, the blotting out of smaller competitors, the creation of large areas into which no other signals could enter. Some of the most pessimistic even warned us that our tubes would explode under the impact of this tremendous force." But this conference was already planning for 50,000 watt stations. And had other problems on their mind: "Another problem that the industry could quite well stimulate is the removal of stations from congested centers. Blanketing of reception is inevitable within some short range of every station, and when it is in town it affects thousands of people. Remote control has developed to the point where city studios operate perfectly with the transmitters far outside the city limits. I look forward to the not distant time when all stations of sufficient size to cause disturbance will be banished from the cities and when their blanketing annoyances will cease. The conference could render a definite service by formulating proposals to that end." You can read the complete conference details at

In 1981, CFQX-FM Winnipeg signed on, but was troubled from the beginning. The station may well hold a record for ownership changes, with at least one owner, Craig, appearing twice on the long list of owners. And the station also went through a number of power and frequency changes. The station was most recently acquired from Astral and is now owned by Pattison. It is paired with CHIQ [94.3 The Drive].

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