Broadcast History - October 17

Broadcast History - October 17

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In 1928, CKY Winnipeg increased its power to 5000 watts. It had originally signed on in 1923 with 2000 watts. From 1924 to 1932, CKY leased out significant periods of its air time each week to Canadian National Railways (CNR), which operated during those periods under the phantom call letters CNRW.

In 1954, Edmonton's first TV station, and Alberta's second station, signed on at 3:00 p.m. CFRN-TV broadcast on Channel 3 with 27,400 watts.


In 1967, the original legislation that created the CRTC was introduced to Parliament. The bill also gave the CBC a national unity mandate. And allowed the CRTC to regulate cable television providers.

In 1971, CBKST-TV Channel 11 Saskatoon and CBKST-1-TV Channel 9 Stranraer signed on, with English language CBC programming.

In 1985, CFBV Smithers (B.C.) was approved by the CRTC to move from 1230 to 870 KHz, the former 1-A Clear Channel of WWL New Orleans. But CFBV power was only licensed as 1000 watts day and 500 watts night.

In 1987, CHMI-TV signed on in Winnipeg, owned by Craig Broadcasting. The station is currently owned by Rogers and runs as City-TV.

In 1990, CHQM AM & FM Vancouver were approved by the CRTC for sale by Jack Stark and minority stockholders, for "estate planning purposes", to CHUM. But, because CHUM already owned CFUN-AM Vancouver, CHQM-AM had to be sold. Which it was, on December 14, 1993, becoming multilingual CHMB-AM on February 9, 1994.

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