Broadcast History - February 29

Broadcast History - February 29

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Though we do have one item, it was a quiet day in Western Canadian Broadcasting History. Hey, what do you expect for a day that only comes around every four years? So, we look a little farther afield for most of our stories today.

In 1940, Gretchen Christopher of The Fleetwords was born, three months after trio member Gary Troxel and just 9 days after Barbara Ellis, who was born in the same Olympia, Washington hospital. The Fleetwoods had two #1 hits in 1959, "Come Softly to Me" and "Mr. Blue". On this day in 2012, Gretchen celebrated her 18th birthday (she only celebrates every 4 years, in a leap year), her legal age when The Fleetwoods had their first #1 hit, with special pricing on her recently-self-published first solo album just for Sirius/XM listeners who heard her being interviewed on Norm N. Nite's show the previous Sunday.

In 1948, WCOU-FM Lewiston, Maine, first signed on. Amazingly early for a small market FM station. The station was later WAYU and is now WCYI on 93.9 MHz.

In 1996, at 6:00 p.m., CKUA became the first radio station in Canada to stream their broadcast online, using CADVision, an early Calgary Internet provider. A maximum of 100 listeners was supported that first week, and they were warned to have at least a 28.8 KBps modem and connection up and running. There were already about a dozen stations in the U.S. streaming on the Internet, and the CBC was also experimenting with the medium. As for CKUA, they kicked off the launch with a demonstration that evening at Eau Claire Market in Downtown Calgary.


Also in 1996, about 30 television and entertainment industry executives met with President Clinton at the White House, where they promised to devise a TV ratings system.
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