Broadcast History - February 2

Broadcast History - February 2

Postby jon » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:02 pm

In 2001, Aboriginal Voices Radio (AVR) won a national Native radio programming network license, AVRN, to distribute the programming of the Toronto FM station licensed the previous June, but not yet on the air. CFIE-FM Toronto signed on December 9, 2002, to 106.5 MHz with 350 watts. In 2006, all of the AVR stations were renamed CKAV-FM-n, where "n" is a number. CFIE became CKAV-FM-1.

In 2004, CKLJ-FM Olds (Alberta) signed on with a Country format covering the 1970s to current. "CK-FM 97.7" broadcast with 13,000 watts. In 2007, the station received approval to move to 96.5 MHz, increase power to 35,000 watts and to increase antenna height. At the same time, Rawlco switched its not-yet-on-air Calgary station to 97.7 MHz. CKLJ promised to air nothing but locally produced programming. And to give local high school and college (Olds College) students opportunities to develop on-air skills.

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