K-97 Classic Vinyl

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K-97 Classic Vinyl

Postby jon » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:44 pm

I recorded this to catch K-97's Classic Vinyl, where they play an entire LP side every evening at 6:00 p.m.

While that is interesting, I found myself impressed with the Production values heard here in the Imaging and Commercials, including the competing Supper Hour TV News program Previews, which I assume are paid for, just like any other ad.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you will hear:

0:00 - Rob Berg live, previewing that evening's Classic Vinyl. I missed recording the rest of it, but this was actually the last of a break where Rob gave away three different prizes to the first caller who could recite the opening lyrics of the upcoming LP's first song. He went through nearly 10 callers, some just hangups, before he got a winner. This was done live, on air, without delay, as you could hear the feedback on some of the calls.
0:08 - Terry Evans (with co-host Phil Aubrey) phoner piece from that day's morning show
0:50 - Toyota making fun of car commercials
1:21 - Daryl McIntyre - local CTV News preview
1:51 - World Health spot - the only klinker in this Ad Fest; ironically, it likely cost the most to produce
2:21 - Home Depot Family Day Weekend (three days in the future) ad
2:51 - Chickenman the CEO; or, more accruately, Dick Orkin and crew doing an EdmontonJobShop.ca commercial
3:21 - Capital-FM AM Drive News lady Kari Skelton doing a Go Green Eco Expo ad
3:49 - Lynda Steele - local Global News preview
4:03 - Top of the Hour Legal ID and Imaging
4:20 - Classic Vinyl imaging/intro
4:39 - Rob Berg intros a Van Halen "side"

Click here to hear: K-97 Classic Vinyl 6:00 pm February 10, 2009 (5:31, 5MB)
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