Calgary PPM Aug 31, 2015 - Nov 29, 2015

Calgary PPM ratings 2+

Calgary PPM Aug 31, 2015 - Nov 29, 2015

Postby radiofan » Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:55 am

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Re: Calgary PPM Aug 31, 2015 - Nov 29, 2015

Postby albertaboy4life » Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:52 pm

Is it time to keep an eye on 97-7, 101.5 and 95-7?

On September 4th, CIUP changed from Up! 97-7 to the current Soft Rock 97-7 in the midst of this ppm ratings period and fell from the previous book. It isn't a whole lot better than the previous two fall ppm's (year over year) - 2.8 and 3.3 respectively for 97-7. And three months later they still haven't updated their website beyond its bare bones state which was in place when the station re-launched. Is Rawlco really committed to this station long-term?

Might be time for Harvard to buy 97-7 and to its Calgary holdings to augment what they have with X92.9.

2+ audience limitations aside (i.e., not the money demos) . . . I don't disagree that 2+ numbers are largely meaningless. Please indulge me for a moment . . .

Rawlco and Pattison would benefit nicely from splitting Country 105's 10.3 share in two. Assuming an equal split, 5.15 is better than Soft Rock's 4.2 and most definitely better than the Peak's 1.5 and Kool's 3.1 which combined equals 4.6 total for Pattison's two FM stations in Calgary.

Pretty hard statistically to win a money demo when a station has less than a 2.0 share in overall 2+ numbers in a market the size of Calgary. Seattle and the like would be a different story. And you can't fund two stations buy selling airtime to other business units for long before you start to draw needed capital to shore up under-performing assets. So Pattison's stations can't rely solely on Save On Foods ads and shared marketing campaigns forever.

95-7/101-5 JRfm has a nice ring to it as does Today's Country 97-7.
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